Press release of IT-ing my Network project

IT-ing my Network, having the reference no. 2016-3-RO01-KA105-035482 , is a multicultural project that includes one training course and one youth exchange, within a partnership of 7 countries that all desire a better understanding and development of IT field. It will be implemented between 15.01.2017 – 14.03.2018, in which we will lay-out the two activities of the project:

– training course, involving a number of 21 youth workers over 18 years old, being held between 28.04 – 07.05.2016 in Râmnicu Sărat, România

– youth exchange, implemented as well in Râmnicu Sărat, involving 42 youngsters with ages between 17-23 years that will be accompanied by 7 group leaders with no age limit. The period of implementation of this activity will be in the interval of 09 – 15.08.2016.

The aim of IT-ing my Network project is to provide opportunities for youth development in IT for their professional development and integration in the labor market (entrepreneurship or employability), using various methods and non-formal tools, and the 7 partners that will collaborate to make this possible are:

  • Federația de Organizțiilor Râmnicene de Tineret, Educație și Sport – Romania;
  • Associacao Lilaz – Portugal;
  • Associazione Culturale Eufemia – Italy;
  • E-gençlik Dernegi – Turkey;
  • Project Spontaneous Foundation – Poland;
  • Association for progress, education and lobbying – PEL – Macedonia;
  • Girls Leading Our World Association – Bulgaria.

Regards to reaching our aim, the project established the following objectives:

  1. The development level of IT skills for a total of 70 participants, young people and youth workers (both target groups), which are able to access and use databases and software designed to streamline work in European youth organizations during implementation of youth exchange.
  2. Increasing capacity building through training of the 21 youth workers, from the 7 promotors, in IT during the 8 days of training held in Ramnicu Sarat.
  3. Develop practical skills for employability and entrepreneurship of the 42 young people participating in the exchange of Ramnicu Sarat, for young people to form adaptable labor market.
  4. Developing intercultural dialogue between the 70 participants from the 7 promoters actively involved in the project in order to increase social cohesion within the European Union, awareness of active citizenship and understanding cultural diversity, during the project implementation IT-ing.
  5. Increasing the visibility of Erasmus + and non-formal education for about 10 000 European citizens with the help of 70 participants using IT skills developed in the project to promote the results in the online environment during the project implementation.

In order to reach and sustain this objectives, we will implement a range of both formal and non-formal activities and methods, such as: ice-breakers , workshops, interactive presentations, algorithmical games and team-building, particular workshops varying on different professional areas of creation, media and programming.

For more information you can always contact us at , or you can directly address to the organizers:

Marius Neculae, project manager: , phone no: +40761539848

Ionuț Ilie, assistant manager: , phone no: +40724581851

This project is financed through the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission with an amount of 43304 euro.


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