PEL team impression from the seminar “Be healthy, feel wealthy”

The seminar “Be healthy, feel wealthy” was a project organized by “EkoLor” and it was held in the town of Indjija in Serbia, from 28th of May until 4th of June, 2014. There were 20 participants from the following 8 countries: Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, France and Poland.

Seminar “Be healthy, feel wealthy”

The working sessions were held in the Office for Youth in the center of the town, which was located very close to the nice little hotel in which we were accommodated. It had all the necessary elements for a seminar of this type to take place with no problems whatsoever.

As the tittle applies, the main topic of this seminar was healthy lifestyle. The aim was to gather young people from different countries from both the EU and South – Eastern Europe (SEE) and share and compare knowledge and experience about this topic through methods of non-formal educaton.

Seminar “Be healthy, feel wealthy”

Besides learning and comparing knowledge about all the elements that can be considered parts of a healthy lifestyle, we also had the opportunity to learn something more about team-building, motivation and inspiration, the Erasmus+ programme etc.

The instructors Ane, Alexei and Tamara did a good job of keeping us motivated and dedicated during those 7 days in which the seminar was held, through their means of teaching and assigning interesting tasks.

Seminar “Be healthy, feel wealthy”

During those 7 days that the seminar was taking place, we had the opportunity to get to know better the town of Indjija and also, we had the chance to visit Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia, located 1 hour train ride away from Indjija.

If you want to participate in projects similar to this one, organized all around Europe, follow our social media pages and website where we regularly post calls for participants for different kinds of projects and you can get a chance to take part in this wonderful experiences.

Seminar “Be healthy, feel wealthy”

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