PEL team on a training course about employability in Italy

Between 8th and 14th of January, Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying – PEL, represented by Elena and Stefanija had the opportunity to participate on the training course “We are B.E.S.T”, organized by the Italian partner organization named Arci Strauss.

The project was organized in a small town in Sicily, Italy, named Nicolosi. The project involved 34 participants from 17 partner organizations (Italy, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania and Poland)

TC - WE are B.E.S.T.“WE ARE B.E.S.T. ­‐ We Are Building Employability, Skills and Tools” was a training course designed for youth workers and people who work with and for young people, because youth workers develop and empower methods to support youth creativity as an essential skill to compete in the labor market.

The project had great impact on participants’ opportunity to reflect on the new dynamics that characterize the link “young people – labor market” in Europe and provided us skills and tools to approach to it with self­‐confidence and creativity, so that it may be in its many opportunities. According to this, the training course main objective was to help young people to fathom between their skills in order to improve them, define them for increasing their chances of success in a very dynamic labor market.

TC - WE are B.E.S.T.Besides learning and comparing knowledge about all the elements that can be considered parts of gaining skills, we also had the opportunity to learn something more about team-building, motivation and youth unemployment in Europe, the Erasmus+ programme etc.

Also the training course included one small excursion to the Etna Volcano and Catania. Etna is a volcano that is still active and Catania is a city which has been destroyed a couple of times in the past by the volcano and it was again constricted.

TC - WE are B.E.S.T.During the course the trainers Marco Santos, Dario Palermo and Jose Maria Messina did a good job of keeping us motivated and dedicated during those 7 days in which the seminar was held, through their means of teaching and assigning interesting tasks. Before every session we have had one small energizer which made the session even more productive.

For us, the project was great experience and opportunity to learn more about participating countries and to make new contacts and friendships.

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