Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying – PEL Skopje held local workshops for the project “Environmental protection & innovative change for youth in EuroAsia” financed by the Erasmus+programme of the European Commission.

The workshops took place in a local school in Skopje on 22th and 23th December 2021, during which we gathered more than 30 students to discuss the topic of sustainability.

During the workshops, the participants had the opportunity to hear more about our project, its objectives and the activities we organized within it. They also had the chance to hear more about the Erasmus+ programme and the possibilities it offers.

We presented to them the videos that were made as outputs of this project which led to a discussion about the environmental issues we face nowadays and the ways we as individuals can contribute to the improvement of the current situation through our everyday actions.

Additionally, they had a chance to share with us some of their ideas for raising awareness among young people about the importance of living a sustainable life and their active involvement in this fight for a better and more sustainable future for all.