Training course in Mavrovo: “Act Locally – Sustainable development & Young people”

Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying is announcing the latest training course “Act Locally – Sustainable development & young people” that will be held in Mavrovo, Macedonia from 22nd to 29th of November.

The aim of this project is to promote and further develop education about sustainable development with young people. Sustainable development, as a key idea around which environment and development are structured, is increasingly becoming an indistinguishable from the development of society.  Through a mixture of formal and non-formal methodology, as well as focus on case studies – examples of good practice on local sustainability – we want to empower participants with necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes over the concept of sustainable development and over its application in education of young people.

The project will take place in Mavrovo, Macedonia and it will involve 28 participants from Macedonia, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, UK, Italy, Czech republic, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo.

The project will directly address the theme of environment: first, the challenges human present to it, but also solutions – what can young people do themselves, through active participation, initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship to stop the ongoing environmental degradation on their local levels, in their small communities and then further – in their regions and countries. Secondly, the project addresses the issues of rural/urban development, where the first is often discriminated by the latter.

Mavrovo lake and surroundings

The famous floated church in Mavrovo lake

See you in Mavrovo soon,
Association PEL

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