TITLE: Experience EuroAsia and Empower

PROGRAM: Erasmus+ 

KEY ACTION: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

ACTION TYPE: Capacity Building

PERIOD: 01st August 2016 till 31st July 2018

VENUE: Macedonia, Portugal, Spain and Malaysia



“Experience EuroAsia and Empower” aimed to equip NGO representatives with tools for environmental education, socio-economic development and youth awareness on know-how, as powerful tools that could help participants and third users energy into positive and entrepreneur activities. By doing so, project beneficiaries were mostly young people coming from fragile economic and social background, remote areas or areas with high level of pollution. Project was mostly focusing NGO representatives working on topic of environment. Project was targeting specific countries of Europe (Portugal, Spain and Macedonia) and Asia (Malyasia) that were able to exchange good practices, knowledge and experiences in developing green economies. Sustainable development requires European responses. Individual actions, whilst beneficial, will not alone be sufficient to address global sustainability issues such as environmental protection. If we are to create a sense of collective responsibility, then learning will have to play a key role. Learning can add value to this by providing collective messages that all learners can engage with. Without such a sense of collective response then small scale individual actions can become increasingly inadequate and result in apathy rather than positive hope. Due to the all mentioned advantages and disadvantages of the mentioned countries and organizations that used to cooperate with each other in different projects, there was recognized strong need for this project. Therefor the project worked directly on improving general understanding on topic such as : building sustainable practices, exchange of knowledge and good practices in environmental protection, role of young people in more responsible resources exploitation and above all, there was recognized high need of starting a network that would be working on mentioned topics in following years.The project included eight activities including EVS in Malaysia and Macedonia.
More information about our activities during this project and the guide for it can be found on the following web site :