Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying – PEL Skopje held the kick-off meeting for the project “Sport4Equality” in Belgrade, Serbia from 11th-13th March 2023.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

During the meeting we had the chance to get to know our partners, to discuss the project development and to agree on the following steps.

About the project:

The aim of this project is to promote sport and sports activities among kids, encourage inclusion of children coming from different backgrounds, and encourage active and healthy lifestyle among children aged (13-17) no matter their abilities or background.

Objectives of the project:

  • To develop a guide as an output: “Inclusive sports for children”, where inclusive sport games for kids 13-17 will be collected and new ones will be invented that be helpful for all people interested to make sport more inclusive. 
  • To create animated videos on the topic of inclusivity in sport that will be used both as a promotional and motivational material that will serve teachers at schools, sports trainers and youth workers in general to promote sport as an inclusive tool and motivate children get involved in it;