The Training Course for the project “Discrimin-Action” took part from 22th until 29th April 2023 in Almachar, Spain. Association for progress, education and lobbying PEL Skopje was represented by 3 participants in this project activity.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

The project aims to increase the awareness among young people the importance of human rights, its significance and how to recognize when these rights are being violated.

During the project activities, the participants had the change to learn more about human rights and to research different methods for finding solutions to protect them.

By sharing knowledge and experience they could discover the different types of discrimination present in the partner countries involved as well as to learn how the authorities are dealing with the violation of the human rights

The participants learned how to use non-formal education methods in order to act towards finding solutions to protect human rights in their own country.