PRESS RELEASE FOR THE PROJECT “Pink revolution: Her point of view about sport”

The project “PINK REVOLUTION: HER POINT OF VIEW ABOUT SPORT” (Project Reference: 603034-EPP-1-2018-1-IT-SPO-SSCPEU) focused on the gender discrimination in the field of sport, especially on the professional life’s disadvantaged and the pro athletics disadvantaged of women because of resistance and prejudice, resulting from the belief that sports are a “men’s scope”.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

It was implemented by Italian Association ECA ONLUS in collaboration with Association for progress, education and lobbying PEL Skopje (North Macedonia), the National University of physical education and sport Bucharest (Romania), Genc girism egitim genglik ve spor kulubu dernegi (turkey) and the Municipality of Alzira (Spain).

The main objective of the project is to reduce the gap that exists between men and women within the sports sector.

Its specific objectives are to:
– Improve the awareness, information and involvement of stakeholders in the issue of gender discrimination;
– Promote the creation of an international network that promotes better conditions, better rights and a better working environment in the field of sport.

Within the project, 3 transnational meetings were organized aiming to enhance awareness, information, technical discussion, stakeholders involvement, about gender discrimination and to promote the creation of an international network which will promote better conditions, better rights, and better work environment in the field of sport.

Additionally, during the project, a survey was organized in order to see what are the problems people in the partner countries face when it comes to women’s participation in sport and how aware the society is of these issues.
According to this survey, almost half of the respondents have been encouraged as kids to choose a specific sport. Also, more than 60% of the respondents have stated that they have witnessed gender discrimination in any sport.
On the other hand, more than 20% believe that it is unacceptable to have female referees in male sports.

The main output of the project consists of a report detailing technical aspects of the innovative rules of behavior concerned.
Another output of this project is the creation of the International Association of Women into the sport, which aims to promote equity opportunities and to tackle gender

On the following links, you can find the results of the project