Kick off meeting from project ”Swapping Cultures-Erasing Borders”

Association PEL-Skopje has hosted the kick off meeting of the project ”Swapping Cultures-Erasing Borders”.

Project Funded by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office.

This project is in partnership with Beyond Barriers Association-Albania, Light-Serbia and Blink-Kosovo.

Duration: 1 June 2018 – 28 February 2019

Topic of the project: Intercultural Dialogue

Main aim:

To increase the intercultural competencies of young people and youth workers in 4 Western Balkan countries, through innovative educational tools in the field of intercultural learning, culture diversity and peaceful cohabitation.

Implementation of Activities:

-Activity 1, the Kick off meeting was held in Skopje, Macedonia on 15-17 June 2018
-Activity 2, the Training of youth leaders will be held in Sabac, Serbia, activity hosted by Svetlost organisation.
-4 Activites on local level in all partner countries
-Activity 7, a youth exchange in Durres, Albania hosted by Beyond Barriers Association.
-Activity 8, an evaluation meeting of the project and will be held in Pristina, Kosovo hosted by staff of Blink organisation.
-Activity 9, an On-Line Campaign which will be implemented by the 4 partners of the consortium (Beyond Barriers Association, Association PEL, BLINK and Svetlost)

We will keep you informed about the implementation of the activities.