The fourth meeting for the project “Chance 2 Change” was held from 26th-28th February 2019 in Covilhã, Portugal. The project is financed by the Portuguese National Agency, within the Erasmus + Programme.

During the last meeting, we discussed the things that were achieved until then. Each partner organization presented the ideas and the plan for the dissemination of experiences and results of the project with relevant and local/national factors. The dissemination plan was also presented by our Italian partners and we discussed the final preparations for the seminar.

The seminar was held on 28th February 2019 at the UBI university where we presented the project and the final outputs of the project, the online toolbox and the mobile app. During the seminar we also presented some of the volunteering opportunities for youngsters and in the same time we had the chance to hear some positive volunteering experiences from the students.

You can find the toolbox and the mobile app on the following link: