Повик за учесници за обука во Хрватска

Асоцијацијата за напредок, едукација и лобирање (НЕЛ) од Скопје, објавува отворен повик за 3 учесници од Македонија за обука на тема „Stay Tuned“, која ќе се одржи во Џаково, Хрватска од 27-ми ноември до 4-ти декември 2014.

Обуката се организира во рамките на програмата Еразмус+ на Европската Комисија и на едно место ќе собере млади лидери и младински работници од Македонија, Италија, Полска, Романија, Франција, Литванија, Чешка и Хрватска.

Сместувањето и храната се целосно покриени од страна на организаторите, како и патните трошоци до 180 евра.

Услов за учество е пријавените да имаат над 18 години и да се способни да комуницираат на англиски јазик, бидејќи тој е работен јазик на проектот.

Во продолжение прочитајте повеќе детали за проектот, а доколку сте заинтересирани да учествувате на обуката, испратете пополнет апликационен формулар или прашање на contact@pel.mk со назнака „Обука во Хрватска“, најдоцна до 26-ти октомври 2014.


In the age dominated by information, fast race of life and shortage of time, it is increasingly difficult to get in touch with young people even while addressing their needs. Youth organizations are overwhelmed by often insignificant information which makes it difficult for them to successfully reach out to their target groups.

Young leaders from our organizations recognized this issue and prepared project “Stay tuned!” that will be hosted from 27.11.2014 until 04.12.2014 in Djakovo, Croatia by Civilna, edukativna i transparntna plaforma (CET Platforma) in cooperation with partner organisations from Italy, Poland, Macedonian, Romania, France, Lithuania and Czech Republic that will send 3 participants each. Various non-formal education working methods will be used throughout the program including brainstorming, discussions, debates, simulations, work in small groups, presentations.

Main objective of training is to prepare youth workers and young leaders to run all kind of visibility measures, campaigns and communication with target groups in order to rise young people active participation, EU awareness, became active entrepreneurs and get in touch with any other activity that may reflect concerns of youth in Europe nowadays.

More information about the project can be found here: cetstaytuned.wordpress.com


Project will be hosted in  “Pansion LAGUNA”. Pansion is located  in the city centre, adress Stjepana Radića 17, Djakovo.

Timetable of the project:


AM Arrival of Participants
PM Oppening ceremony, Get to know each other
First reflections, Welcome Party


AM Programme and methodology
Fears, expectations and contributions (FE&C), Organisations plaza
PM Campaign
DET – Daily Evaluation Teams, Trans-cultural evening I


AM Research of community profile and structure, target groups, needs and problems
Identification of target groups – Why it is important and how we do it?
PM Chanels of communication and message development
Motivation as last but not least phase of campaign, DET – Daily Evaluation Teams, Trans-cultural evening II


AM Press relations
Press conference
PM Public appearance
DET – Daily Evaluation Teams


AM Recording short speeches, 1 on 1 interview and talk show.
How to overcome stage fight, Television tips
PM Visual perception, verbal and nonverbal communication skills
DET – Daily Evaluation Teams, Movie night


AM Lets paper speak
Street action
PM Barriers in communication
Online communication and DET


AM Erasmus+ programme presentation
Project ideas
PM Presetation of project ideas
Final evaluation and See you soon party


AM Certificates and closing ceremony
Departure of participants

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