Training Course in Athens: “ECO-YOUTH”

“ECO-YOUTH” (Youth European Opportunities for Sustainability and Employment) was a training course, action 4.3, held in Greece – Attiki Region (Athens and surroundings) from 23 to 29 August 2012, organised by INARE-Greece. The partner organisations are in total 13 including the organiser and the number of countries 10 (Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Macedonia, Lithuania, UK, Greece and Turkey).

Participants from organisation PEL were Daniela Mitovska i Bojan Kocevski.

This training course was proposed to present the Sustainable way of living with theoretical and practical ways, to aware the citizens and especially the Young people for and also to familiarise all the participants with the European Union laws and practices for and to present the work opportunities that can combat unemployment and poverty especially in our era.

Sustainable development is very popular since 1992 with the Rio Summit and the next June 2012, twenty years after another SUMMIT RIO+20 is taking place again in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil to find out why the Humanity is still incapable to achieve it and why the global economy is far away of a wished development growth to allow stability peace and euphoria in our Planet?

The main topics was Sustainable development and Environmental Protection, Intercultural dialogue and Youth Work opportunities through European Union initiatives, platforms, best practices etc. The special topics were Improvement of Green spaces and their maintenance (reforestation initiatives and nurseries creation), Recycling (improvement of solid waste and ways to reuse), Reduction of noise and atmospheric pollution( simple ways of using less cars and more public transportation media, bicycles, healthy ways of transportation for short distances, etc.) and finally water pollution and beach cleaning.

Variable methods were use during this training course based mostly to the active participation of all the participants’ experts and non experts with the team work spirit.

The methods were: Working groups, workshops, field trips, round tables, sharing best practices, conferences by representatives of Ministry of Environment, Municipalities, art creations and of course music and open space activities, visit of museums, Acropolis and Athens.

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