Youth Exchange in Pogradec: “Learning in Nature”

Learning in nature was a Youth Exchange, (Action 3.1) organised by YOUTH4SOCIETY, from 7th till 15th of September 2012 in Pogradec, Albania, with participants from Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Italy.

Macedonian group included the following participants from our organisation: Marice Kirkova, Nina Melovska,Angel Arnaudov,Zivko Miloshevski, Rade Petrov and Daniela Mitovska as a leader of the group.

The objectives of this youth exchange were:
-promoting outdoor education as an inclusive tool in youth work
-equipping participants with skills for outdoor education including preparation of activities, risk assessment, health and safety measures and outdoor methods
-reflecting on the learning benefits of using the outdoors: health, lifestyle, connecting to nature, protecting the environment, fighting global warming
-increasing youth participation through outdoor education
-reflecting on the use of outdoor education in Youth in Action projects
-developing further cooperation of partner promoter organizations in the field of outdoor education including YiA project such as Youth Exchanges and EVS projects.

Participants were divided into 4 groups. Each group had a task to develop a project idea and present it before the participants at the end of the exchange. We had art and creativity, singing and dancing, photography and journalism group. The results were very creative. The art and creativity group made a big mosaic with the motto of the project and small postcards for every participant of the exchange to have a small memory from this project.

Singing and dancing group surprised us with a different version of “Stand by me” and a very good dance choreography.

We had great pictures from the photography group with nice quotas and a video that presents the work and fun of this project.

The journalism group made a blog were we share our impressions and ideas, memories and nice moments we spent in Pogradec.

You can check our blog HERE.

Here is a short video with our best memories and activities we had during the project. 

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