PEL’s Team on a Youth Exchange on Human Rights

From the 10th to the 18th of March, more than 30 young people from 8 different countries were joining the youth project organised by Youth for Society to discuss issues of Human Rights in Pogradec, Albania. The aim of this project is to break the prejudice and stereotypes while raising awareness on the current situation of the world.

During this week the participants have learned through non formal education about discrimination and the power of media through creative workshops. The activities included role-plays, team building exercises and debates using different media tools.

One of the big reasons why young people decided to come to this project is to increase their knowledge about cultural differences and share their opinion and experience about the current situation in their country. Furthermore, through youth participation, they had a chance to learn how to be a part of a bigger group from different background and realities.

With the current situation in Europe, many young people are interested in trying to find ways to make positive change in their local communities. As the basic human rights are violated in everyday life, through youth activism they want to find methods to prevent the violation of laws.

Going back to their countries, participants intend to share this experience with their friends and in their local community on social media to impact and make a call to action. Many of those young people are already active youth workers who cooperate with other local youth organisations whose aim is to spread the network.

With this project, young people will be equipped with specific knowledge about basic human rights and will be able to use those gained skills in their everyday life.

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