Youth exchange in Pogradec, Albania

Members from Association PEL will took part on a youth exchange “Dancing for Tolerance” that will be held in Pogradec, Albania from 5th to 13th of April 2013.

The youth exchange “Dancing for Tolerance”  is organised under Action 3.1 of the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission and will bring together 36 persons (28 participants and 8 youth leaders) from Italy, Poland, Romania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey and Albania.


This youth exchange has a strong intercultural learning aim fostering understanding of European diversity.  We are committed to ensure that effect of the project is reinforcing the civic attitudes of participants and their awareness of how is important today’s understanding of origins and reflection on identity. The project will contribute to possibility of finding new contacts, create group work dynamic and will teach participants how to solve problems encountered (in terms of intercultural learning). The activities which will be proposed on the main meeting demonstrate creative ways to obtain information about music and dance heritage of every participating country. Music and dance is an essential part of art and culture of each particular country participating in the program. We would like to go deeper and throughout art discover also what is undercover of culture surface.

The groups of youngsters will be composed by youngsters who have fewer opportunities and other youngsters in order to involve them for a better integration in society. Especially for youngsters with fewer opportunities, will be a great experience and we hope to foster their initiatives in order to learn new skills and get inspired to gain personal and social development.

This youth exchange aims to support young people on a path of building mutual understanding of different cultures and is going to help raise awareness of the rich world of dance in diverse Europe. Dance is a medium used to convey very effectively and powerfully a hidden message in the movements. This time will be used as a tool to break taboos and prejudges among the youth and to strengthen the relationships.


• pointing out the connection between diversity societies, creativity approaches for building understanding between different cultures,

• fostering mutual understanding and respect for traditions and customs,

• learning about  culture heritage of Europe through dances and music,

• experiencing, discussing and sharing cultural background.

• participants’ self reflection on personal, national and European identity

• setting up partnership among partner promoters in order to involve more youngsters in future projects.

The youth exchange will be implemented in Pogradec, in Albania which is located on the Ohrid lake.

Methodology of the exchange will be based on non-formal education and its holistic approach. Participants will improve their competencies through non formal methods like brainstorming, group works, simulation, role play, open group discussion, open space for reflection, flash mob and other methods that leaders will adapt based in the needs of participants. The most important tool will be learning by doing coming from dance workshops.  

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