PEL team on a Training course about youth entrepreneurship

Between 8th and 15th of April 2015, Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying – PEL, represented by Bojan, Naum and Ivona, had the opportunity to participate on the Seminar “Surprise With Enterprise”, organized by our Polish partner organization TDM2000 Polska.

The project was organised in Krzyzowa, Poland and it involved 24 youth workers and young leaders from 8 European countries representing youth organisations which develop and implement local youth activities related to youth unemployment and youth entrepreneurship.

In the historically important place Krzyżowa, Poland, where German chancellor Angela Merkel met with Polish prime minister Ewa Kopacz, 24 active and devoted youth workers and young leaders from around Europe gathered for the entrepreneurship Training course “Surprise with Enterprise”, hosted by TDM2000 Polska.

The training course, that was held from 8th to 15th of April 2015, was based on non-formal education and experiential methods, such as brainstorming, simulations, groups work, discussions, role plays, personal and group reflections, debates and presentations.

Group work during Surprise with enterprise

The project aimed to educate youth workers and young people about youth entrepreneurship and to fight youth unemployment by achieving the following objectives:

  • To educate youth workers about promotion of
  • , motivation of young people, writing business plans and using free resources offered by EU and other stake holders regarding this topic;
  • To educate youth workers how to educate young entrepreneurs about starting, maintaining and developing business;
  • To identify, recognize and compare different issues regarding youth entrepreneurship indifferent European countries, particularly attitude of young people, society regarding entrepreneurship;
  • To empower youth organisation and create future project ideas within E+, establish deeper cooperation and ensure follow up activities;
  • To promote non-formal education as tool for promotion of entrepreneurship, fighting youth unemployment and support for youth business.

Getting-to-know each other

The working program consisted of team building activities, intercultural evenings, presentation of entrepreneurship situations and comparison of participating countries, multicultural communication in businesses, business plans writing and motivation. Surprise With Enterprise also encouraged multicultural dialogue and networking in order to create future project ideas within the Erasmus+ programme.

The Training course brought together participants from 8 European countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Macedonia, Romania and United Kingdom.

Surprise with enterprise logo #SWEbyTDM

The experience and knowledge gained during the project can be applied by participants in their countries and local organizations that they represent and work in. Moreover, the Training course allowed the participants and partners organisations to create a informal network of potential partners for future projects. It was also a great opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange best practices of how to write business plans.

“Surprise with Enterprise” also had significant impact on youth workers involved and capacities of partner organisations, fighting youth unemployment and social exclusion trough promotion and support of young entrepreneurs in their communities.

Group work

As part of the workshop on dissemination and visibility of projects in youth work during the Training course, participants created promotional video and leaflet for the project. Below you can see the video, while on this LINK you can take a look at the leaflet.

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